Cheshire Junior Golf Policy

In very recent years increasing attention and concern for the welfare of “Young Persons” has developed nationally, following of a number of well publicised tragic cases of abuse.  Golf, just as all other Sports has therefore had to address these issues, such that we now operate within an environment where it is not acceptable to continue any regular programme of activities involving young persons, adopting traditional, essentially informal, methods and approaches.  England Golf have now approved guidance on this topic which is directed towards both County organisations and individual Clubs, the document “Safeguarding Children in Golf” was released for general publication at the beginning of March 2008.  The CUGC have accepted the general principles embodied within this publication and has as a result adopted the Policy and Procedures in setting out its approach to County Junior Golf Operations.

The Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs SAFEGUARDING Policy & Procedures may be downloaded below. This  has been updated recently as Cheshire Golf Union now complies with England Golf’s procedures, having obtained Safegolf accreditation in March 2021


The Parental Consent Form contained within the Cheshire Union Junior Golf Policy may be downloaded separately as an MS Word document using the following link.

CUGC Parental Consent Form

For further information on these, and any other matters relating to County Junior Golf, please contact the County Secretary.

County Welfare Officer is Trevor Jackson 07772 050921