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To download, sync and add all events and competitions for 2023 season to your calendar & diary, click the Sync button.

This will add all this seasons events and automatically change dates, times or any other relevant information to your phone and calendar.

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golf genius

We have migrated to Golf Genius for tournament management. This will allow you to register and pay online for entry into competitions.

You will need to register and create an account with Golf Genius before entering an event.

It will also be used on the day to manage the scoring and publication of results.

The link above will take you to the ‘Directory of Events’ from where you can select the competition you wish to enter.

Entry fees will be collected via Stripe, a card payment system integrated within Golf Genius.

The registration form will require a Membership Number (CDH) plus an email address. In addition, optional information includes Mobile Phone Number, Date of Birth, Affiliation (Home Club). Having an email address and mobile number will allow for communication with the players, particularly useful if there are any late changes to the event. 

You may also like to consider downloading the Golf Genius App to your phone which will get you closer to the information relating to each competition – you log in with your email address and set your own password. The “GGID” that you may see mentioned is a Golf Genius ID code which can refer to individual competitions (or to even more specific information within a competition).

We look forward to seeing you at the competitions. Good luck!


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Use one of our mobile apps to quickly get access to your favorite Golf Genius features such as tee sheets, live leader boards, league and event portals and many more

Competition Rules & Information

Click on the link to display a concise overview of each of the NAPGC Competitions


Click on the link below to access all the mens competition rules



Click on the link below to access all the women competition rules



If you need a result sheet, then you can find them here